Employment Opportunities

Irvine Sporting Depot, a local Oregon company looking to grow its operations in the Willamette Valley is currently hiring! Well varied positions in the sporting goods product development and assembly industry. Never a grind of one single repetitive task. Excellently located, master planned office space with spacious window views and privacy in the workplace. Available positions are:

Product Technician

Introductory position gaining familiarity with, and assembling sporting goods products, primarily parts supporting the recreational shooting sports aftermarket, and secondarily, bicycles. Will measure parts for conformity, track batch variations, and learn from the shop manager about industrial common practices such as “Statistical Process Control”, defining and managing “Standard Work Procedures”, and “Design Control”. Responsible for catalog and sorting of parts. Product technicians will share in the usage and application development for our laser marking system as well as 3D printers. The pace is a mix of sit and stand work. Must be able to lift 50lbs.

Customer Service & Social Media

Introductory position for supporting Irvine Sporting Depot clients in their social media endeavors. Works with the product technicians on assembly and staging for social media platforms, as well as provide customer service for dealer and key retail customer accounts. Will be responsible for a light amount of product assembly and cataloging to gain and maintain familiarity, but first and foremost its a lot of picture taking and chatting up our clients. Must be able to lift 30 lbs.


Experienced position with primary responsibility of working with the shop manager in the pursuit of bringing in new dealer accounts. Will research and manage a list of stores to approach along with “approach plans” for what the value proposition may be for their product mix. Like the Customer Service position, our sales staff will be responsible for a light amount of product assembly and cataloging to gain and maintain familiarity. Will be responsible for facility opening and closing depending on hours scheduled.